Elaine’s services to corporations include business formation and expansion, employment issues, contractual issues, and intellectual property.

As an arbitrator certified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Elaine has developed a recognized level of financial sophistication in the securities industry that enables her to serve as a fair, impartial, and efficient decision-maker. She can serve as a chief negotiator and resolve disputes both within and outside corporations.

Elaine’s background in securities compliance can support the chief compliance officer, conduct a compliance audit review, and assure compliance with Dodd-Frank, Patriot Act, Sarbanes-Oxley and other key regulations. She provides effective cross-disciplinary representation to help companies minimize their exposure and maximize their business opportunities.

Advice and Counsel
With a master’s degree in psychology as well as a law degree, Elaine provides a level of empathy and insight that is vital to helping executives survive the crucible of multi-million-dollar decision-making. The trusting relationships she forms with clients are the hallmark of her practice. Elaine’s goal is always to insulate the client from the stress and anxiety associated with high-stakes negotiations and lawsuits.

Domestic and International Transactions
Elaine provides advice, oversees due diligence, and handles negotiations. She has helped put together projects that range from resort development to transportation to microloans in Africa, China, Dubai, Great Britain, Greece, Morocco, and Paraguay.

Intellectual Property

Escrow Services

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