What do you know about the New York State Law on Sexual Harassment? And Why You Need to Know?

Complies with new Labor Law-Section 201-g–October 9, 2018

In October 2018, New York State passed new legislation regarding the prevention of sexual harassment.  There are implications for every business in New York.

If you are business in New York State, you are required to provide preventing sexual harassment training for all your employees – every year!  If you are a business in New York City, you must follow the New York State law and the uniqueness of the New York City law – the Stop Sexual Harassment Act.

Prior legislation sought to limit the scope by defining the size of the company. In some cases it was businesses with 50 or more employees.  In others, it was 15 or more.  New York law mandates all businesses regardless of size to provide the training.  Training may be in-person or online - as long as the training meets the unique requirements of NYS law.

During our training you and your employees are going to learn more about what Sexual Harassment is, the laws and learn more about our online training solution to help you be compliant with NYS law on combating sexual harassment.  And being prepared if/when you are audited by New York State to prove you have complied with this new law.   Avoiding fines and penalties!

What is the legal definition of “Obscenity or Pornography” ?

A famous Supreme Court statement made by Sup Ct Justice Potter Stewart became one of the best-known phrases in the history of the Supreme Court. In Justice Stewart’s widely cited test for "obscenity", he never used the word "obscenity" himself in his short concurrence. He only stated

"I know it when I see it" , meaning he knows what fits the "shorthand description" of "hard-core pornography" when he sees it.  So even a U.S. Supreme Court Justice can not put an iron-clad definition on it. This simple phrase, carries with it many of the conflicts and inconsistencies that continue to plague American obscenity law.

In effect, “I know it when I see it” can still be paraphrased and unpacked as:

“I know it when I see it, and someone else will know it when they see it, but what they see and what they know may or may not be what I see and what I know, and that’s okay.”


As of October 9, 2018, all New York State (NYS) employers are required to provide anti-sexual harassment training on an annual basis.  Each employer has one year to comply with this new law. My law office has developed comprehensive classroom and online training that meets the State’s detailed requirements. All address both the legal and behavioral aspects of sexual harassment to ensure an inclusive, highly productive work environment.


  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • Responsibilities of the Employee and the Organization
  • Current EEOC and NYS Guidelines Regarding Sexual Harassment
  • Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Action Steps to Eliminate Sexual Harassment
  • The Complaint Process & Company Policies (Employer Specific)
  • Preventive Steps to Avoid Sexual Harassment & Minimize Liability
  • Information concerning employees’ rights of redress & all available forums for adjudicating complaints


At the conclusion of NYS-PSH, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand EEOC & NYS guidelines for sexual harassment
  • Be aware of the consequences of sexual harassment
  • Understand the responsibilities of the manager, employee and the company in eliminating sexual harassment and the hostile work environment
  • Be able to recognize the two types of sexual harassment
  • Know their rights & responsibilities relating to sexual harassment
  • Be able to take active steps in eliminating sexual harassment and the hostile work environment


Online - PSH-NYS online is a completely interactive, self-paced learning system in which participants are assessed, led through a customized content module, and checked at each point in the learning process.

NY-PSH Training must be retaken annually by all employees, so another benefit of our program is that when your employee’s annual training is due to be taken, the employee will just sign in and for the same low fee, take the online training course renewal

PRICING - $25 fee per User

  • On line training can be purchased directly through credit card payment or in volume through client invoice.
  • The cost is calculated through a per use basis charging $25 per user.

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Classroom Training - Participants are introduced to the key content areas through text reading and mini-presentations.  Ample opportunity is provided for discussion and clarification of the content through the use of case studies and individualized exercises.

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